This past January, CMS released their updated Long-Term Care Survey Process Materials. In addition to a focus on infection control policies and procedures, CMS surveyors will now investigate any concerns related to residents who have experienced a significant decline in their condition during the Public Health Emergency. The COVID-19 impact on the elderly population has been significant. There is an increase in isolation, decreased socialization, and limited interaction with caregivers. Understanding the surveyor’s guidance is the first step to a successful survey. Proactive measures, as well as accuracy in baseline data for all residents, will improve the survey process, and enhance the quality of care provided. Click here for the complete article.

Darlene Piraino is Hosting a Session at the American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference

Congratulations to Darlene Piraino she is an expert in her field. She will be sharing her clinical expertise at the AOTA Annual Conference in March. Great Job! #clinicalexpert #itsallaboutthepatient #AOTA #OccupationalTherapy

February is recognized as American Heart Month.

Live heart healthy. This month the American Heart Association celebrates its 56th anniversary observing February as heart awareness month. Even with the advances and progress in medicine, more people die of heart disease than cancer. The good news is that by including a heart-healthy lifestyle, most cases of heart disease are preventable. Learn how to live heat-health and visit
#itsallaboutthepatient #heartdisease #hearthealth #heartmonth #livehearthealth #preferredtherapysolutions

Today is National Puzzle Day

Pick up a crossword, Sudoku, or a jigsaw. Puzzles provide health benefits for everyone. Stress relief, cognitive enrichment, boost dopamine and exercise your memory. Puzzles are a fun way to connect with children by utilizing tablets and computers. Start a puzzle today and stimulate your brain with some puzzle therapy.

Cardiac rehab provides quality lifesaving benefits

On the road to recovery, cardiac rehabilitation provides proven quality lifesaving benefits. A recent article published by the American Heart Association studies indicate nearly 1.3 million U.S. adults with heart disease may qualify for outpatient cardiac rehab, and only 1 in 4 Medicare patients partake in cardiac rehab. Educating patients on the services provided is necessary for a complete cardiac rehabilitation program. #cardiacrehab #itsallaboutthepatient #preferredtherapysolutions

SOURCE: American Heart Association