What’s your plan for rolling out the new IDDSI initiative? Preferred Therapy Solutions provides the necessary platforms in developing a crosswalk between IDDSI and Skilled Nursing Facility diets.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has announced that as of October 2021 IDDSI will be the ONLY texture-modified diet recognized by NCM (Nutrition Care Manual). The National Dysphagia Diet (NDD) and all available resources will no longer be included in the NCM. While participation is not “mandatory” at this time, dieticians and foodservice professionals may be impacted. Many hospital systems have transitioned to IDDSI or are in the process of doing so. Patient safety and a seamless transition of care will make education on the IDDSI diet levels paramount. 
The primary goal of the IDDSI committee is to standardize terminology and definitions of food and liquids for individuals with dysphagia across all ages and care settings. The IDDSI framework includes food and drink descriptors along with instructions for easy, reliable, and accessible methods to test different foods and drinks.  Contact Matt Nash, to learn about Preferred Therapy Solutions clinical programs that are aligned with the new IDDSI standardization.

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