Full Service

Comprehensive, Yet Affordable

Our full-service solution captures the essence of everything a facility will need today and for the future.  Our partners appreciate the concept of “therapists leading therapists” hence why our Preferred full-service solution is so popular in the industry today.  Included in our turn-key full-service solution is a regional management team focused on providing fiscal and clinical oversight as well as consistent guidance to Administration and rehab team.  The therapy department will adhere to our core principles of when patients succeed, we all succeed.   Our IT solution is considered “best in class” in the rehab space offering an array of reports, to include clinical and fiscal performance outcomes and is PDPM ready with just about all EMR systems today.  We also provide our partners a strategic view of data analysis and competitive intelligence.  The shift toward value over volume is here and here to stay, as your partner, we are committed to providing your facility with all the necessary services and solutions required to be successful.  By choosing to outsource your therapy department to Preferred Therapy Solutions, your facility will receive an all-inclusive strategic therapy solution.  A solution that will integrate our systems with yours and we own the costs to operate a therapy department, specifically, under these changing times. 

In-House Solutions

We Are The Experts

The Preferred Management Solution is an in-house approach designed to provide management and clinical expertise to enhance an existing operation. Preferred Therapy Solutions will partner with your in-house staff to enhance your ability to optimize reimbursement and maximize therapy potential in clinical competency, efficiency, program development, and billing & information management.

Consulting Solutions

Empowering Your Team

Our consulting services allow you to partner with our team to identify areas for optimization and deliver more effective care for your patients and stronger operational results for your business. By leveraging the breadth and depth of our team’s industry knowledge and harnessing our passion for personalized care, you’ll empower your internal teams and exceed expectations.

We understand the complexities of managing rehabilitation facilities and provide guidance and instill confidence in our clients and partners when consulting on the best ways to improve their businesses.