IT Solutions

Preferred Therapy Solutions utilizes Optima Therapy, the leading software application used in skilled nursing facilities and contract therapy companies nationwide.  We provide our partners with operational and clinical analyses/reports to enhance performance and outcome measures related to therapy operations.  From business intelligence applications to Clinisign, PTS accomplishes three key objectives with Optima: operational efficiency, comprehensive clinical documentation and billing accuracy.  

Competitive Intelligence

Access to and meaningful use of data is becoming critically important in a marketplace that is increasingly competitive and reliant upon outcomes and data analytics.  Let PTS share its access to CMS claims-based data of both your referral sources and competitors in high level data analysis designed to determine how best to allocate resources, develop programs and enhance marketing efforts through its access to.  

Alternative Payment Model (APM)

And Risk Contracts

ACO’s, BPCI-A conveners, and physician groups are performing their due diligence on skilled nursing facilities and have become more selective on where they refer their patients.  They expect the best outcomes, reports and customer service from their skilled nursing partner.  Preferred Therapy Solutions has led the way on care re-design and implementation with our bundled patients and now Institutional Special Needs Plans (I-SNPs).  We utilize clinical strategies to enhance care management of these patient populations and support our clinical teams (Therapists, Nurses and Physicians) in the use of our clinical pathways; a mechanism to help manage length of stay expectations while achieving the desired outcomes.  In addition, our “Readmission Prevention Program” allows us to minimize the risk of readmission while the patient is a resident at the facility as well as post-discharge. 

Payer Management

In order to achieve optimal financial results, a thorough understanding of the various payer source requirements is necessary. Preferred Therapy Solutions has developed comprehensive educational programs and effective strategies to optimize financial performance while obtaining superior clinical outcomes. Our program covers all of the major payer sources.

We will assess the current processes in place and implement strategies to improve reimbursement capture in any area of need. Our approach will include the entire interdisciplinary team and we will partner together on designing new systems or revising existing ones with the ultimate goal of optimizing reimbursement and clinical outcomes.