15.05.18 | admin

Darlene Piraino Guest Speaker at the 2018 AOTA Annual Conference and Expo

April is always a special month at Preferred Therapy Solutions as we recognize the many Occupational Therapy professionals that are devoted to helping people through therapeutic measures to participate in everyday activities. This year we are especially proud of Darlene Piraino, an Occupational Therapist and a Regional Director of Compliance and Education at Preferred Therapy Solutions. Darlene was invited to be a guest speaker at the 2018 AOTA Annual Conference and Expo held in Salt Lake City, Utah On April 20th, 2018. Darlene and her colleague, Pamela Karp, presented to one of the largest gatherings of Occupational Therapy professionals in the world!

Darlene and Pamela hosted an accredited session to over 300 attendees on “Training the Generalist to Evaluate and Treat Common Shoulder Pathologies in the Geriatric Population.” This educational forum is designed to provide the general population of therapists practicing in outpatient, acute, subacute and skilled nursing facility settings the vital comprehensive understanding on the awareness that is often missed when assessing common shoulder pathologies. In many cases not providing accurate assessments are the secondary causes of disability.  Lack of knowledge regarding palpation, special testing, and other diagnostic criteria leaves them at a disadvantage when planning interventions.  This forum provided occupational therapy practitioners with the basic knowledge and skills to quickly and accurately assess common shoulder pathologies and to develop an appropriate plan of care in addressing upper extremity pain and dysfunction in patients with concurrent diagnoses.

For additional information please contact Maria Maggi, Vice President of Compliance:  mmaggi@preftherapy.com