New York MDS Case Mix Picture Date Update

Yesterday, September 17, 2018 the NY DOH held a monthly briefing and announced they will release final details today with regard to the NY MDS case mix picture updates which will be utilized for the upcoming CMI adjustment to the 1/1/19 rates. The DOH announced two collection dates.

  •  April 25, 2018.   (January 23rd look back) 
  •  July 25, 2018.    (April 24th look back)

DOH will then analyze and blend the two collection period results prior to uploading the MDS data in early October. DOH continues to review historical MDS data prior to convening the Case Mix Workgroup, which will be established to discuss CMI streamlining per the Executive Budget. A start date for the Workgroup has not yet been announced.

Courtesy of NYSHFA

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